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Mercury Recycling is part of a European Funded Project called the Illuminate Poject.
Mercury Recycling has launched a new battery recycling service to help companies deal with recent changes to hazardous waste regulations.
After 5 years experience of operating its own designed and built lamp recycling equipment, with over 30,000,000 lamps processed, Mercury announce that it is to launch sales of their equipment across the European Union.
Mercury Recycling opened the UK's first Lamp Recycling Facility in 1996. What was then 'State of the Art' equipment was imported from Europe and the first customers began sending in their tubes and discharge lamps for recycling.
Mercury Recycling Group operates under a PPC licence from the Government Environment Agency, and is the UK's leading recycler of Fluorescent tubes, Streetlighting and other discharge lamp types, together with mercury bearing waste streams such as Dental Amalgam, Thermometers etc. It now also collects all types of Batteries for recycling.

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